If you think being overweight is just your lot in life… think again. Just because weight issues have been your life doesn’t mean they have to stay in your life. You always have choice!

You can choose a life without deprivation. A life where you are comfortable in a swimsuit, sitting in the middle seat on an airplane, or not covering yourself up.

If you are determined to lose the weight for good, I can help.

If you are tired of going it alone, trying to find the answers in magazines, now could be the time to give yourself the personalized support you’ve been missing.

I help you find a sustainable plan that works. I help you escape the cycle of poor health and desperation. I help you step into a lifestyle that’s vibrant and enjoyable.

If you’re ready to learn and commit to yourself, we’ll be a good match.

Here are the ways we can work together to transform you into your best self.


Improved You Quickstart is a down and dirty, ‘don’t need a lot of attention to get going in the right direction’ plan. It will give you some focus, good information and a jumpstart on the goals you want to achieve.


Total Transformation is the plan to help you achieve your long-term goals over time.

We all know that the more we are involved with something and more time we put into it, the better the results will be. Lifestyle change is just the same.

The program is seven sessions and each one is tailored to what you need to be successful. We’ll be resolving hang-ups as you implement what you’ve learned.

Sessions are held in the convenience of your home or office by phone or Skype. We look at your current habits, then design a plan of action, work through the things that have been sabotaging you and then get moving forward.

Not sure what you need yet? Book in a virtual coffee date for a no-obligation consultation to find out more about Quickstart and Total Transformation here.