Do you love food and want off the dieting roller-coaster? Is working out five days a week not getting you the results you want? Finally face punch the scale. Live lighter, healthier and happier.  

Are you ready to:

  • enjoy more contentment and freedom and less self-destruction and loathing?
  • commit to a life-long sustainable transformation in your body and heart, for you and your family?
  • start spending your hard earned money on real food that works not powders and quick-fixes that deprive and depress you?

My passion for nutrition started in grade school. I was raised in a health-conscious home and could see how nutrition was tied to people’s full health and healing. This transitioned into a career in nutrition and a desire to help people find the solution to their problems.

After getting my degree, I started working in the clinical arena. Seeing so much chronic disease was disheartening. I went through a gradual awakening to the seriousness of how backwards the system was.

This led me to seek out experts who were identifying the same shortfalls in conventional methods. I could see that the “old way” wasn’t working. And these experts agreed.

I started using different research focused techniques and saw how transformational this life-saving knowledge was for my clients. I haven’t looked back. Today I remain committed to sharing the best information and helping you along the road to success.

Check out the testimonials of women making the changes I suggest and the benefits they have gained!

My clients have seen amazing results in weight, blood sugar, blood pressure and their attitude towards themselves. Clients regularly tell me they feel empowered and on the right track. And that they’re happy to have a way of life instead of a diet.

What I want for you is a sense of happiness and freedom…

NO more:

  • joining your co-workers on the latest binge diet
  • putting your hope in another supplement or advertisement
  • comparing and hating your body

I will show you how to be healthy. (And even if you don’t always put it into practice, you’ll know how to get back on track!)

The goal is to be happier in your skin than you’ve been in the past. It’s about living life in a way that is practical, healthy and in the present.

There is immense freedom in letting go of old garbage ideas. It opens room for acceptance, love and new ways of being.

It’s easy to think that you will feel different about your body when you lose weight. But if you hate your body when you’re heavy, you will most likely hate your body when you’re thin, because you’ll talk to it in the same crappy way. Part of this process is healing how you talk to yourself getting rid of toxic thoughts so you start to “feel” different in your skin.

There’s a “high” that comes along with starting a new diet. The feeling that this is it! That you’ll finally be successful this time. But after the high fades, you start to believe that you’ll never have success in becoming healthy; that you fail every time; that you don’t have control of your success; you feel like you’re too out of control, too hopeless, or too much of a lost cause to “make it work.

The truth is – you just need to restore faith in your body and mind. Trust that they know what you need.

I serve as your guide so you don’t feel empowered instead of overwhelmed. I guide you in getting rid of the clutter of old diets and self talk and find what works for you.

Doing it alone is daunting, wandering through tons of internet pages or books. I will guide you through every meal, restaurant menu and grocery store as we find what works best for you.

What the Total Transformation will do for you:

Get away from the gimmicky, unrealistic, get-thin-fast schemes that are based around only one concept: be skinny!

The goal is not to have a skinnier casket. The goal is to lose weight while gaining health.

  • Start now on a path that will save you money in the long run.
  • Save yourself time and energy looking through countless websites, books and magazines.
  • Keep money in your pocket because you won’t be needing a refill on that supplement.
  • Put an end to the confusion and searching for the right plan.

Here’s what you get in Whole Body Transformation:

  • Customized attention with plenty of accountability so you know you are doing it right.
  • Escape from the rut you’ve been in, so you can propel yourself forward to a healthier and happier you.
  • The right information so you can feel good about your decisions and decrease stress and worry around food, weight loss and health.

Phase 1: Complete new client form with information to help me get to know you and your goals. I review this prior to our initial session.

Phase 2: 60-minute initial 1:1 where we will discuss and develop action steps to get you going in the right direction and in alignment with your goals.

Phase 3: Then comes the follow-up: You will have 7  weekly 45-minute sessions and an emergency check-in if needed. You will have email support throughout the process.  

You may be in the wrong place if:

  • You’re a dieter who’s already on a plan and you’re not willing to change it.
  • You’re looking for a quick fix and then plan to go back to old patterns.
  • You want the ‘magic pill’ solution.

You are definitely in the right place if:

  • You want to take control of your health and direction you are going.


Here’s what Colleen Johnston, a long-term client, has to say:

“It’s said that high emotion triggers long term memory and I think that’s why it’s easy for me to recall the first day I met Adrienne Lee.

As usual when meeting a new health care professional, I felt very anxious. I dreaded that her initial reaction to me would mirror the lack of acceptance and prejudice that I had always experienced when meeting medical staff in the past.

I had no idea that I was in for a wonderful, life-changing gift, personified in Adrienne Lee, instead. Despite being physically beautiful and fit herself, and despite emanating the peachy-golden glow of personal health and well-being that I was missing, Adrienne was accepting. Yes, accepting of me, a person who is more than 100 pounds over a healthy weight. Her very first response to me was a warm smile, a smile that flourished in her eyes and came from her heart. I sensed a genuine, positive regard. She conveyed a soothing acceptance of who I am and where I am in my journey. I’d recognize and welcome that anywhere, especially after years of experiencing its painful contrasts: rejection, prejudice, and discrimination. Next, she actively and respectfully listened, in order to devise an individual plan to help me be successful.

I described my demoralizing and endless struggles with weight loss. She openly respected me, despite my obvious state of unhealthiness and body shape and size, then provided nutrition information that really works for me and which is aligned with my philosophy of life.

Adrienne has never given up on me through all of my attempts to get and stay on board with her customized, healthy eating and fitness plan. She fully and non-judgmentally partners with me in my on-going quest for restored health and appearance.

She encourages me, provides invaluable insights, researches and shares solutions, celebrates my progress, lifts me from low points, motivates and inspires me, stays accessible, and teaches by example . Always, she listens. Success for me is a long road but the journey has begun and, for the first time the sustainable progress is gratifying and enduring.

Headway is made all the sweeter because “my nutritionist”, as I gratefully refer to Adrienne, accompanies me with heart, encouragement, information, professionalism, kindness, and, the best medicine of all, respect.”
I want you to gain a new lease on life. I want you to have a transformation, to get out of a rut and onto a sustainable path that is positive and so rewarding.


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