Happy Clients


AL Gabrielle VanceI’ve been struggling for a while to have a healthy, sustainable eating plan, and was trying to achieve a higher level of energy. When we first started working together I was frazzled, constipated, bloated and frustrated! I was nervous Adrienne would advise some extremely restrictive eating plan, like no carbohydrates.

As a result of our work together, I have reasonable, manageable guidelines to follow. I feel like I can focus on eating as much as I like of the right things. I recommend Adrienne to anyone who feels confused about what he or she should be eating! I especially appreciated her because she made me feel understood and supported, and gave helpful, tailored feedback. She was incredibly kind, supportive, and nonjudgmental–you need not feel nervous or embarrassed (like I was at first).

– Gabrielle Vance


Before I started working with Adrienne I was stuck in a rut. I had developed bad eating habits that I could not seem to break and the unhealthy eating rollercoaster was something I wanted off of. From our work together I feel like I got a fresh perspective, new ideas and skills to put to use. Our visits helped me refocus on ME, taking care of my needs, spirit and things I enjoyed that I was neglecting. I realized I needed to set time aside to deal with issues that needed to be faced to build the life I deserved.

With Adrienne it is not your typical visit to the nutritionist. This is a soul searching, compassion-filled human being working side by side with you to help you complete whatever journey you lay before her. There is a lot of misguided information out there and she is very knowledgeable with resources to back it up. I recommend her to anyone that struggles to hear themselves through all the noise.

– Marianne Taras



I first met Adrienne while struggling to make sense of the results of my food allergy testing. Determining which foods I could eat and how I could manage to sustain myself with all of my new restrictions was daunting and completely overwhelming. Adrienne patiently and compassionately helped me sketch out meal plans, talked through my nutritional needs and how best to meet them given my limitations, and supplied me with incredibly scrumptious recipes!

I looked forward to my weekly nutrition consults with Adrienne because she provided continuous support on my journey toward healthier eating and she never seemed disappointed or judgmental when I struggled to adhere to my plan. Adrienne provided fascinating and motivating research-based articles that explained her approach to healthy eating and I routinely visit the incredibly informative websites that she suggested.

Working with Adrienne has completely transformed my relationship with food. My anxieties and fears relating to food have been replaced with a balanced approach to eating and a newfound peace when it comes to making decisions about what I put in my body.  

– Angela Fricilone


AL Anna Marie

I’m a 45-year-old mother of two daughters. When I turned 40, I struggled to maintain my weight for the first time in my life. I started to rely on fitness magazines for information about weight control(but the) protein loading diet programs left me hungry and frustrated.

I was starting to feel powerless, when I approached Adrienne. I was relieved when Adrienne did not recommend dieting and suggested foods that filled me up and made me feel energized. She also suggested that the excessive dairy might be causing the inflammation in my knee. She was right, after gritting through knee pain for 20 years, I am certain that the inflammation was triggered by dairy.

I’ve been following Adrienne’s nutrition advice for nearly 3 years and my weight has been level, at my high-school weight and size “6” for the entire time.

Adrienne’s advice worked for me because her food suggestions were affordable and these foods decreased my cravings for food that used to be my downfall.

I feel great and have plenty of energy to go running with my husband and daughters. Thanks to Adrienne, I feel empowered.

I have three pieces of advice for people who want to increase the probability they will have long-term success with their weight and health: 1) don’t go on a diet 2) find an exercise schedule that you can maintain, and 3) talk to my friend Adrienne about healthy eating.”

– Anna-Marie Benson


It’s said that high emotion triggers long term memory and I think that’s why it’s easy for me to recall the first day I met Adrienne Lee.

As usual when meeting a new health care professional, I felt very anxious. I dreaded that her initial reaction to me would mirror the lack of acceptance and prejudice that I had always experienced when meeting medical staff in the past.

I had no idea that I was in for a wonderful, life-changing gift, personified in Adrienne Lee, instead. Despite being physically beautiful and fit herself, and despite emanating the peachy-golden glow of personal health and well-being that I was missing, Adrienne was accepting. Yes, accepting of me, a person who is more than 100 pounds over a healthy weight. Her very first response to me was a warm smile, a smile that flourished in her eyes and came from her heart. I sensed a genuine, positive regard. She conveyed a soothing acceptance of who I am and where I am in my journey. I’d recognize and welcome that anywhere, especially after years of experiencing its painful contrasts: rejection, prejudice, and discrimination. Next, she actively and respectfully listened, in order to devise an individual plan to help me be successful.

I described my demoralizing and endless struggles with weight loss. She openly respected me, despite my obvious state of unhealthiness and body shape and size, then provided nutrition information that really works for me and which is aligned with my philosophy of life.

Adrienne has never given up on me through all of my attempts to get and stay on board with her customized, healthy eating and fitness plan. She fully and non-judgmentally partners with me in my on-going quest for restored health and appearance.

She encourages me, provides invaluable insights, researches and shares solutions, celebrates my progress, lifts me from low points, motivates and inspires me, stays accessible, and teaches by example. Always, she listens. Success for me is a long road but the journey has begun and, for the first time the sustainable progress is gratifying and enduring.

Headway is made all the sweeter because “my nutritionist”, as I gratefully refer to Adrienne, accompanies me with heart, encouragement, information, professionalism, kindness, and, the best medicine of all, respect.

– Colleen Johnston


Before I met with Adrienne for the first time I was wondered if her fee would be money well spent; if I would learn anything I didn’t already know. I really wanted to get the last few pounds off that I couldn’t seem to lose. In working with Adrienne, I learned more about what foods I need to fuel my body and not to fear carbs! I appreciated knowing she did her homework and tailored our meetings to my struggles.  Anyone who is stuck in a certain mindset developed by all the fad diets would benefit from meeting with Adrienne; she is beautiful both inside and out!

– Evelyn


I didn’t know what to expect from meeting with Adrienne and I didn’t feel as though my eating habits or my diet were that bad. I had already lost a lot of weight on my own but also realized that losing weight was the easy part; keeping it off meant I needed a lifestyle change.

Through our visits, Adrienne gave me the tools I needed to modify my lifestyle and my habits. I have been taking better care of myself ever since. I still struggle with my weight and eating habits at times, but I know how to manage it now.

One of the major benefits I experienced from our meetings was shoulder pain relief.  My shoulders had been hurting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a couple of years; with Adrienne’s guidance my pain was gone in two weeks. Yes, there are still times when it returns (when I falter), but it is short-term as I can quickly get back on track.

I would recommend Adrienne’s services to anyone who wants a positive change in their life. Adrienne is a caring, warm person and very easy to work with. I would tell anyone starting out that getting healthy requires a “lifestyle change”.  My old lifestyle got me where I was, and my new lifestyle is taking me where I want to be.

– Michael Everette