Everyone is a diet expert. SO much information… your mom, best friend, cashier at the grocery store and child’s flute teacher all want to tell you how to lose weight. Not to mention the internet!

You know what it takes to be skinny, right?

You’ve probably been working your butt off (or starting Monday planning to work your butt off) to get that stupid little needle on the scale to budge.

Inaccurate advice will kill you, and it’s everywhere. It’s why you’re still searching for something right now.

Have you:

  • been working at this diet thing since the 9th grade and are frustrated?
  • needed a little angel on your shoulder to slap cookies out of your hand (I only do that to close friends)?
  • seen most people gain the weight back when they stop the diet (my #2 annoyance with diets)?

I know… You’ve heard the “lose weight FAST” promises from so many angles. It’s what I hate about thrift store shopping, you have to wade through a lot of hideous out-dated clothes to find something good.  Often companies are looking to make money no matter what the cost to you or your health.

You might be a Weight Watchers dropout or have been calorie counting for most of your adult life and are frustrated because no matter how “good” you are the calories are winning the battle.

But I’m not going to give you the “drink a shake for breakfast, bar for lunch (starve) and eat a sensible dinner (still hungry) plan” you may have heard before. I’m not going to tell you to cut out carbs or encourage you to spend hundreds of dollars on supplements.

Instead, let’s create a plan for you that works. One you can stick with and that has solid research to back it up. I’m the last food coach you’ll need to work with because we will get to the why of your weight and health issues and define lifestyle changes that create lasting change.  

I’m a real, intuitive and accepting nutritionist. My focus will never be just on your weight, because it is way better to be thin AND healthy instead of thin and unhealthy.  I do this by learning about you (what has gotten you here, your struggles, misconceptions) and work with you from there.

Health is  much more than smaller portions and 10,000 steps. I bring aspects such as life experiences that have shaped your food story and feelings about your body and health into the plan.

Sometimes it’s the subconscious garbage that is sabotaging our weight and health.

Negative experiences and feelings damage our body and mind. Did you know anger, fear and sadness are just as likely to cause heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure as poor diet or lack of exercise? It actually took me years to believe that food wasn’t the most important thing. I had to read a lot of studies confirming it.

Isolation, loneliness and depression wreak havoc on your health. In fact, medical expert and researcher Dr. Dean Ornish states that these are some of the biggest determinants of whether you will live a healthy, long life or one of pain and disconnect.

Some things we may touch on.

  • Awareness of what has gotten you to where you’re at.
  • Uncover why you are fighting with your weight. I help you see the obstacles that are blocking you from what you want. Then I set you on a course that’s achievable and sustainable.
  • Personal attention and support to be successful! I am deeply committed to it.

Here’s what I can help you do:

  • Rock your favorite pair of jeans, turn heads at your reunion and make it easier to tie your shoes.
  • Have energy for the memorable things: teaching your kid to ride a bike, hiking St. James Trail with your girlfriends or dancing til midnight at that cool little dive bar ( I can help you with the energy part, not the dancing part).
  • Stop fearing food ie. carbs, eating too much, not knowing what to eat, bingeing/starving.

I love seeing women:

  • At visit #2 looking energetic and happy because they feel good on the plan.
  • Empowered to look past fads, willing to face challenges and excited about the possibilities.

Magazines, books and internet sites that have diet so completely backward don’t even surprise me anymore, but they do make me angry! Don’t punish yourself if you’re confused about health because it’s not your fault!

If you’re motivated, determined, and looking for something real and good for you that you can actually stick with, I can help. And this isn’t some freak diet just for you. It will actually be good for your whole family.

If you’re ready to invest in you and give yourself much needed love, time and attention, you are in the right spot.

A couple of experiences have brought me to this place:

When I was young I always hated my skin (it’s still a battle). I had acne from the 4th grade on (I swear) and I wanted more than anything to have clear skin. That was actually what started my obsession with nutrition… I read anything and everything I could on skin health and believed that what I was eating had lots to do with my problem. I felt ugly because of it, just like you might feel ugly because of your weight or something else you’re dealing with. I get your struggle. I have always felt if I could just change that thing about myself I would finally be acceptable and be able to relax and enjoy life.

In the process of reading so much about skin, food and nutrients I found a passion for nutrition.

Another experience that led me to where I’m at is my work in the hospital/clinic setting.  There was a lot of pressure from doctors to use traditional protocols; protocols that aren’t based on the best research. The American Dietetic Association for example, puts out a lot of education and literature and their main sponsor is the dairy council. Then they put out information biased towards dairy. I rebelled against a system that couldn’t say what was true because of money.

I saw women who were seeking a solution to their problem and most weren’t getting the input they needed because of policies, biased information and often times doctors and nurses who didn’t want to change their lifestyle or change the status quo. The right info can heal and cure health problems; it’s life-saving stuff. But wrong input can continue to  fuel poor health.

I decided I wanted the freedom to give the best advice, not what the institution required.

I use my clinical background and years of experience to get you out of the cycle of dieting, confusion and feeling like a failure. You will be able to rely less on medical treatment and more on your bodies natural healing ability.

I understand your struggles because:

a) I am a women.

b) I I suffered from disordered eating and the constant nagging of trying to look perfect.

c) I was always searching for what would make me “right”.

Have you ever felt like if you could change that one thing you would feel more acceptable to yourself and others?  Maybe you’re thinking… umm, more like 10 things.

I’ve had to deal with some deeply ingrained negative messages that I received growing up about feeling not good enough. Because of my recovery work I experience life differently now. I feel grateful that more and more, I experience life outside of the negative pattern.

The truth is I’m not a skinny, problem-free, ‘perfect’ dietitian who doesn’t understand the struggle. I truly get it, because of my own experiences and what I’ve learned in my years of working with women  facing challenges just like you.

Diet is only one piece to healing. To balance our bodies, we need to address many aspects of health, including stress, exercise and emotions. We cannot disconnect our body from our mind.

My own journey of emotional healing has brought me to a calm and balanced way of life. I have more choice now in how I respond to situations. This has benefited my physical health. I know the same is possible for you.

It is so freeing to know I don’t ever have to look for a diet, wonder what to eat or roller coaster around with my health. I have a clear path that I know is right and it is truly amazing. How freeing! No more diets, starvation plans, calorie counting or scales. And it’s permanent!

Best of all, my mind is clearer, I feel more connected to those I love and I have more energy for the things I want to do.

If what you’ve done until now has left you looking for more and you want to quit wasting your precious time, I can help.

If you’re:

  • Sick of the gimmicks, diet rotations, powders and promises, you’re in the right place.
  • Ready to give yourself the time and attention you deserve, this is it.

Want to eat real food and feel full while your weight drops and health improves? You’re in the right place…

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